Why Effervescent? Benefits of Effervescent Tablets

Benefits of effervescent tablets

Why are effervescent tablets becoming increasingly popular especially in sports and dietary supplements? We explore the 5 benefits of effervescent tablets.

  1. Easier to absorb - easily dissolved in water, well mixed, consistent and ready to drink. In other words, gentle on the stomach. Unlike traditional tablets that need to be stirred repeatedly and do not dissolve completely.
  2. Simple to consume - already dissolved when consuming. Many people have difficulty swallowing or swallowing problems so effervescent tablets are a great alternative to regular tablets.
  3. Great taste - effervescent tablets come with flavours and often sweeteners making tasty drinks.
  4. Portable and convenient - easy to carry on a handbag or to be used on airplanes.
  5. Great way to increase water intake and take supplements especially when you are dehydrated or ill. It’s simple - you need water with effervescent tablets!

1Above effervescent tablet is a vitamin and mineral supplement. It contains no artificial colours or flavours. Featuring Pycnogenol (French maritime pine bark extract) - the world's most studied antioxidant.

Warning - do not swallow or chew an effervescent tablet.

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Source:Β SimplySupplements